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Jul, 2018

Recap of 2017

In 2017 our orginization made history with both Football and Cheer.

Mitey Mite: This team of young dedicated children did a fantastic job all season long, showing their love for game and their love for learning from our very talented coaching staff.  The Mitey Mites did so well they were offered a spot to play one of, if not the best Mitey Mite team in the state of New York, this team had never had anyone drive them across the 50 yard line but that didn't stop our team who were the first team to drive them past that 50 yard line.  We lost the game but it was well played and they earned a lot of respect.

Junior PeeWee: This team lost only one match during our regular season and were victorious in all of their playoff games.  The kids made magic happen on the field and never gave up.  The coaches were a fantastic group of men that told these kids that if they wanted a superbowl championship, they can have one with the right amount of work. The coaches were right as they ended their season with a superbowl victory against a very talented Bethlehem team.  This went down in town history as the only Pop Warner team to have won a superbowl and even got recognized by our mayor who recognized us on the town Facebook page.

Cheer: This amazing group of children led by an amazing and caring coaching staff did a fantastic job all season long and then some.  They were there to cheer our football players on but that only scratches the surface of what these amazing teams did this year.  A lot of people see cheerleading as a team of children rooting for their respective football teams but that's not all they do.  They put in months of grueling practices leading up to their tournaments which are not easy in any way, shape, or form.  These girls took first place at the local tournament and made it to the national tournament in New Jersey but that wasn't all, they were also invited to the global tournaments in Virginia.